Our closed loop solution and its benefits to our environment

An inspiring alternative for hotels to eliminate single use plastics in bathroom toiletries

1. Locally manufactured and packaged in designer reusable packaging (we design to your hotel brand standards). We untangle the supply chain and give you what your guests want and the planet needs

2. Low Carbon Footprint - no more importation red tape, we only use certified organic formulations, no more ingredients you can't pronounce. We create cost reductions of up to 20% on procurement costs 

3. Zero waste - we recover used bottles, remove excess liquids and provide to local partners for COVID handwashing programmes, this educates children on the importance of hand washing for their well-being 

4. Bottles are sanitized to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and COVID safe SOP are supported for each location, and our closed loop system is internationally certified

5. Marine Safe Certified Organic Formulations (COSMOS standards) 

Lab LoopTM