We are a consortium of professionals with a background in global manufacturing, supply chain management, hotel management, business sustainability, cosmetic product development, finance, marketing and export/import. Having travelled extensively we know what "good" looks like and where the expectations of "great" should be. On average our team (pre-COVID-19) travel and stay in hotels approx 3 months of the year, so over the years we have seen such wastage to the point of insanity, whether luxury or budget hotel, most are guilty of this one off use plastics wastage. 


Many of us may relate to bringing our own shampoo and conditioner bottles with us on holiday because we dread the one off use plastics. And sadly we may even relate to the stories of snorkeling or walking on the beach with our kids in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Maldives where it is necessary to have to collect bags of rubbish on the otherwise pristine coastline.


Lab Loop exists because many of us have taken a stand, we have drawn a line in the sand and wish to contribute in a positive way to removing this wastage. We are doing this by supporting local communities to invest in their culture, tourism and remove single use plastics from hotel bathrooms. 


Our aim is to create a ripple effect in our clients bathrooms by replacing toxic ingredients with marine safe ingredients, and closing the loop on packaging. We have a local logistics solution to remove plastics by working with high quality reusable bottles, collecting your empty retail size designer bottles after use, sanitising the bottles and refill under ISO manufacturing standards with our eco formulations.

Our vision is to remove synthetic chemicals and packaging waste, by enabling hotels to have a locally manufactured solution. This is all possible and can be done now through Lab Loop's sustainable cosmetic circular economy. 

Prolonged illness pain stress and burn out were a constant then a wakeup call propelled me to make a change. My life took a turn toward living and breathing certified organic and an intense self-education on how our food was being grown and how skin and body care were absorbed into our body and the toxic cocktail of ingredients. I immersed myself in yoga, meditation, healthy eating and creating a new skin, hair care and body daily plan, I felt fantastic.  


My own journey to wellness became the inspiration behind the roll out of a physical retail and spa business combined with an online business. It opened in 2003 when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter Charli, I later became the first certified organic spa to receive accreditation in Australia.


With over 11,000 Australian organic products with 45 brands and six treatment rooms and my own range of products, I set out to change the way consumers understood ingredients in their cosmetics. I even had an aromatherapy bar where we blended aromatherapy products and educated our customers on the benefits of essential oils and using them safely. I set out to create a ripple effect in consumers bathrooms replacing toxic ingredients with marine safe ingredients and in this process, I closed the loop on packaging, I acknowledged members who returned their empty aluminium and glass bottles. We then sanitised the bottles, refilled and our eco-luxury bathroom and lifestyle range were adored by some 12,500 members. My vision was to remove synthetic chemicals, and, in the process, I created a cosmetic circular economy. 


Sustainability of an eco-wellness businesses can be measured many ways for us we are already operating for positive environmental and social impacts, so we measure our-self against human feedback, planet footprint and product performance.


Founding Member  


In 2017 I moved to Singapore to work within the luxury hotel industry. I came with a background in manufacturing, spa supply chain management and cosmetic formulations. Over the next 2 years I had the pleasure to travel the globe staying at some of the most amazing hotels on the planet, though there was always a burning hunger inside that we could all be doing more to protect our environment for generations that follow. 


In 2019 I spent 45 days straight meditating on how I could contribute to solving an environmental problem. I guess the answer was in plain sight as one day I downloaded the concept as to how we could all close the loop on a global scale. This is why Lab Loop TM exist today, to close the loop on bathroom amenities globally, and provide much needed support to hotels who need a solution for their business and the communities they operate within. 

Today, the founding team design luxury reusable packaging with pure certified organic ingredients and manufacture locally in destinations where our hotel partners operate. We reduce procurement costs by up to 20%, remove plastic by 98% and create jobs in local communities. Our formulations are naturally sensational with aromas that connect with the location and the senses, with marine safe functional ingredients all sourced sustainable. The choice of packaging is work-shopped with clients to offer a fresh new sustainable perspective whilst honouring the hotel's brand. We deliver locally and collect empty packaging. Our partnerships with local communities and not-for-profits help to design educational programmes for guests and communities to experience. In turn we provide our partners an annual CSR report that they are proud to share.

Our difference is that our supply chain can impact the world positively and we are going to be transparent about it. Therefore each product holds ISO certified organic accreditation and Closed Loop certification. We are proud to be responsible and support our partners, so together we can pave the way for industry to follow.